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Cold drinks / Ice cream

Cold, fluid, thirstquenching pleasure... Ahhhhh!

The Bakery offers a rich choice of healthy and tasty drinks. We can give you mineral water, various juices, ice tea, ice coffee, Froosh, Kuli and many different Smoothies.

The majority of our sales outlets can offer ordinary ice cream and/or Italian ice cream. Live the moment! We can promise you the same delicious experience every time you enjoy an ice cream with us either on our premises, or if you prefer to take it outside and cool off in the summer heat. Ice cream can be a really satisfying alternative to a drink - as a thirstquencher. Keep the ice cream in your mouth for a little while as you savour the taste - mmm!

The ancient Greek and Roman chefs made ?ice cream? by mixing is and snow with cinnamon, fioler, honey and all types of dried fruits, such as dates and figs.